“Welcome to the book bunny.”

The Blog…
 The book bunny started October 2011, mainly to keep track of books that I’ve read and enjoyed. To talk to fellow book bloggers and keep up with all the book news. Little did I know, that the book world and the blogging world is huge! I didn’t realize all that I was missing out on. While I’m new to the blogging world I plan to keep up with it and share with other my love of books.

This part of the blog will be on all types of books. Any genre, YA or Adult, most will be YA but there will be Adult books and I will put a warning for adult content. If you would like to view all of my reviews including all Adult reviews please check out my GoodReads page. I will read and review many different genre’s, so if you have a suggestion. Feel free to comment, email or get in touch with me in some way.

The Bunny…
Hello, I am the blogger behind the computer screen. If you can’t already tell I love to read, as well as many other things but it might as well be like breathing. It’s almost second nature to me, I read everyday. I am an eclectic reader. I read whatever catches my interest. If the summary sounds good 9 times out of 10 it will be added to my goodreads to be bought or borrowed at a later date. ( Seeing as my TBR is always growing, unlike my magical money tree, borrowing tends to happen more.) I am a very random person and I tend to read based on my mood. I get distracted fairly easily but I can read multiple books at one time. So don’t be surprised if you see my currently reading pile getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes a book or two will be on hold but I want to remember where I am in it. I have ventured into Adult novels but the majority of what I read is still young adult. I lean towards scifi, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mythology and retellings, but I still enjoy a contemporary or historical fiction every now and then. This does not mean I do not read other genre just these are normally what I notice first. My favorite series is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. I read Uglies around the time that it came out back in…I believe 2005, and I have been obsessively reading ever since. My list of books to read has grown, as well as my love of books. So stick around, check out some of my posts, to find out what I’m all about.




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