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Silent Killer

TB is a silent killer.

Anyone can get TB.

This is a disease people too often forget.

All it takes is one infected person to spread the disease – it is in the air.

This documentary touched me more personally than it will touch others. I hope that those who are unaware can become aware to the seriousness and reality of this disease. While TB worldwide has shown a decrease in the number of overall cases new strains are emerging and spreading. Treatment is complicated and has horrific side effects. Often patients will stop taking their medications because of these side effects which most likely leads to death.

Africa is a world away from me – but it has never felt closer than when I watched this documentary. I wish the world did not exist with such horrible diseases.

“When it’s your family it stabs you in the heart.”

This is exactly how it feels.

Tuberculosis has been around far too long.

I hope to one day live in a world without it.

If you have access to netflix – please watch this documentary.

PBS – Click here


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