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I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to knit. I have tried the “traditional” (what I’m calling the traditional IE. Needles and yarn) way a few times and have flopped. I recently started learning how to arm knit via YouTube. Best decision ever! It has really made me understand traditional knitting better. I have been working on arm knitting for about a week now and would like to go back and work on traditional knitting and improve the quality of my knitting. Eventually I would like to learn knew stitches as well as knit new projects.

In an upcoming haul I will show you yarn recently purchased as well as tools. Next I will work on knitting with looms. i love that knitting can be accomplished in different ways. My grandmother taught me to learn traditionally, I learned how to body knit and my friend showed me loom knitting. i’m excited to see where my knitting projects take me.

New hobby embraced!


7 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. I used to knit a long time ago when I was younger, my mom taught me. Then I stopped doing it for a while because life got busy! Well I started up again and realized I didn’t like knitting with the traditional needles….so I have been loom knitting the past couple of weeks and I love it! I have made scarves, hats, headbands, cowl neck infinity scarves! Can’t wait to see your progress! 🙂 Maybe we could bounce ideas off eachother!

    1. That’s sort of where I am at this moment. SO BUSY! I just started knitting with a circle loom and so far it’s okay. Which type of loom do you use or prefer? I am still trying to get the hang of it. But I also need thicker yarn than what I’m currently using. I’m practicing making a headband at the moment and would like to “graduate” to making scarves. I didn’t have enough left over yarn to make a scarf but it will be my next project. Used most of my yarn on arm knitting scarves. We definitely should bounce off ideas! I should hopefully be posting sometime soon. I’ve been swamped with University work and I’ve been ill so the blog has suffered. Hope you are doing well.

      1. I use both the circle looms and the rectangular looms, it took me a little while to get used to using the rectangular loom but I need to get one with the little hook on the end because mine is on one of the longer sides right now and it’s so hard to keep the yarn in place with it like that. I was using thin yarn at first which didn’t work for me at all, unless I layered it up but I prefer using thick wool yarn, it is so much easier and the things come out looking so much better. Scarves are much easier than the headbands I think, I started with making a hat on the round loom and then I made a scarf on the rectangular loom and I’m using the rectangular loom to make my headbands right now. I will eventually put pictures up of my stuff on here soon once I get better! I have never tried arm knitting but I have seen it, it looked so difficult so I didn’t even give it a try! Yes, we should bounce off ideas! I have been busy with work and knitting that my blog also has been lacking some posts, but I have a lot of upcoming posts (not about knitting) that I am planning to put up and then I will get to knitting! My blog is all over the place, it was originally going to be based on one topic but clearly I cant do that! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

      2. I have only tried using a circle loom so far and I’m trying to make a headband. (Thin yarn though so it’s not turning out the way I want it but it’s good practice.) I own a bunch of different sized square looms but haven’t tried them yet. I definitely need to try using the looms with bigger yarn but right now I have so many projects that are WIP that I can’t start any new ones. Haha I have to finish at least one of them first. Then I’ll have to get some new yarn. I may just wait for a sale or something on yarn and buy some to practice with. I’d love to see pictures! You should definitely at least try arm knitting- it made traditional knitting make so much more sense – at least for me. Finger knitting is harder but I like doing it. It’s not something I can multitask at though. I’m not sure if my looms have the hooks on the ends. I’ll have to check.

        If you haven’t looked around my blog -it is very random. I go through phases with things and random times where I have lots of ideas and times to post and then others where my blog is pretty much dead or in a hiatus. I’m almost always popping online to see if there are any notifications though. But other than that life has just been so busy.

        Hope you are well! 🙂

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