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Nike Fuel Review

NikeFuelBandI don’t typically post negative posts but I wanted to share this. Towards the end of the summer I was looking into getting a fitness tracker. I had looked around a bit but didn’t do any real research. My younger brother had just joined a pee wee football team and we were at a sports store getting gear for him. I saw all the fancy displays for fitness trackers and got sucked into the Nike Fuel display. I loved the design of the display itself and liked the advertisement. I decided to get it – bad idea. I picked it up later that day at another store on the way home because I had been discussing it with my parents. In the store I should have gotten a clue but I was so caught up in getting one I overlooked it. One of the displays was broken – the size that I needed of course. We bought the band and went home. Had a bit of a time setting it up but once the set up was finished I could turn it on. I liked that you could plug it directly into a computer / USB port. The display seemed to work nicely and I liked the look of the band. Don’t be fooled – the design in theory is great but the actual product is not. The first time I put it on it was really flimsy because you can buy the bands in different sizes and adjust it. When you change sizes of the band they have extensions which are really flimsy and do not connect properly. After I realized this I immediately went online and read reviews for this product. I was shocked to see so many negative reviews. I have loved Nike as a brand for a long time and I could not justify keeping this band when it’s price is so steep. ($99) I returned it the next day, thankfully they took it back and gave us a refund. I later resumed my search online and decided to order a different fitness tracker.

This is an absolute no go product for me. Sorry Nike.

Moral of the story: Be careful when you impulse buy, and read reviews for expensive items.


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