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Erin Condren Life Planner First Impression

I apologize for the delay in this post – I received this planner in August.

I will post my full review at the end of this semester. This is my first impression.

I have been impatiently awaPlannerInsideiting my Erin Condren Planner. I had wanted to order one last year but waiting and asked for one as an early birthday present. I ordered a classic 15 month planner with the navy sea life cover. I love the pattern! I am happy that I waited the year to order one. The covers are now interchangeable. I will absolutely be ordering new covers in the future. Along with my planner I ordered custom event stickers, blank stickers, coil clips, a pen holder, and elastic bands for the planner.

The planner comes with quotes throughout, a year at a glance calendar, month at a glance calendar at the beginning of each month with laminated labels, your week at a glance which starts with Monday and goes through to Sunday. On the weekly spread you have a column for goals & notes. The week is separated each day by morning, day and night. I have never had a planner that is separated in this way so I am interested to see how I get used to it. The boxes and the way you write in it are vertical whereas in the past I have had planners where you write horizontally. On top of the column there is a month box which could be Plannerused to cross off the days if desired. There are lines available for meal planning, exercise, or whatever your heart desires to use it for. The pages are color coded throughout the month. Each month has a different quote at the top of the month spread.

The planner also comes with a (now) clear plastic ruler / bookmark. At the end of the planner there are pages that are blank and some designed for scrap paper. There is a double sided “keep it together” folder, which can be used to hold extra bought stickers, post it’s or whatever papers you can fit into it. In the back there are 240 stickers that come with every planner. For example, birthday, reminder and special event stickers. There is a built in clear plastic pocket that can store things and it comes with stickers and two spiral coils or paper clips. A perpetual calendar is slipped into the back in the keep it together folder now instead of being posted at the front of the planner. Now you can switch it between your current and future planners instead of writing birthdays down every year when you get a new planner. The coil and cover for the planner seem to be sturdy and I look forward to seeing how the planner overall will hold up. I am a bit disappointed at it’s size compared to a regular notebook. I think the planner itself is plenty thick but it’s size is a bit of a letdown. I am used to full notebook sized planners – I am curious to see how long it takes me to get used to it. I tend to write big. I didn’t buy erin condren’s pens because I already have colorful pens that I enjoy using. Maybe in the future I might but some of her other extras. For now this is what I own. I look forward to posting later with my results and how I feel about this planner. I have heard great things and can’t wait to start planning my life.

The planner itself is $50.00. I thought long and hard before purchasing. It does seem like a steep price to pay for a planner but if you are as OCD as I am and anal about planning your life – it seemed like something worth the money. I typically spend between $20-35 dollars on a planner every year anyway. I also ordered the 15 month planner which was an extra $5 which I think is totally worth it if the planner holds up under the everyday wear and tear. I can’t follow my life through my phone calendar so the “old fashioned” paper planner is the only way I go.

The packaging is great, the box is nicely decorated and not just a plain shipping box. She gives you free “swag” in the form of stickers and labels when you order a planner from her website. Coupons are also sent in the box to draw you back to the website. I don’t blame them and I think it is a great tactic, I will definitely be returning to order at a minimum a second cover, possibly a third for my planner.

I apologize for the small pictures. In my full review I will have more detailed and bigger pictures. Also, I will be posting my first impression of her new classic notebooks.


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