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The Fault In Our Stars – Book vs Movie

I have to say that I’m sorry if my post upset you before I begin to discuss both the book and the movie. Both of these were hyped beyond belief. I enjoyed the book, but not as much as I had hoped. I didn’t cry but I occasionally felt some emotions and I only believe that I felt emotion because of personal experiences growing up. The movie of course is visual and as a visual person I think I connected with it more. There were parts where I was near to crying. I tend to love the books more as a general rule. But I just find it hard to love a story about cancer. Cancer is awful, awful isn’t even a word that could begin to describe it. I have never watched a cancer movie twice and I don’t see myself watching it again. Overall, I am happy I watched it and was able to compare it to the book. The movie did a good job of comparing to the book. My biggest complaint with it though is that you didn’t see Isaac as much as I was expecting. In the book he showed up often and in the movie he was in the beginning and the end. The “witty banter” between Hazel Grace and Gus is similar if not the same to the book. It was slightly more okay in the movie but still some unbelievable lines. The actor for Gus I think was perfect for the role. He as my favorite character in the movie. Shailene Woodley is not my favorite actress, but she has improved with the role in this movie.

TFIOS overall, I enjoyed. I will read more of John Green’s work and look forward to future movies. A full movie review will be coming in the future.


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