CHD = Only a part of my life.

I’m going to get a bit personal in this post- just because I feel like talking about it. I was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). I was diagnosed in utero and have been monitored my entire life. (Not constantly obviously, that would be creepy). I had two surgeries in infancy (blue baby ftw!) and have continued to see my cardiologist. I have other medical issues that have also joined my medical party as I’ve gotten older but I have to say I have been really lucky. Nothing has been super urgent or life threatening in quite a few years. I’m still crossing my fingers to finish university before I need to have my next surgery. (Keep your fingers crossed)

Honestly “defect” wasn’t a word I really recognized until I was older. My parents always taught me that I can do everything other people can do. (This is slightly exaggerated since I cannot but it works when you are young). Thankfully growing up in early adolescence I didn’t have too many restrictions. I was able to play and in middle school join the cheer squad. I thought I was on top of the world. Now, roller coasters will never be able to happen for me but ya know, you can’t get everything you want in life. If I’m being truly honest, it’s something that I think I want to do because I’ve been told I can’t. I remember going to carnivals and theme parks and my dad is overcautious and won’t let me ride most things but he has always looked out for me.

When I was younger I struggled with how CHD has affected me throughout my life. Really if I think about it, it only affects parts of my life (Some are bigger than others but I try not to let it cloud my judgement and lead to negativity). While I’m still in good heart health I plan to stay positive and keep my heart as healthy as possible. I have so far beat the odds given to me – let’s see how far I get.


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