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Ein by Sorcha Black

DustMother Series #1
Rating: 3 Stars
Release Date: March 22nd 2014 by Belfry Publishing 
Adult – Erotica 
Format: Ebook courtesy of NetGalley
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In love with a girl from school and the man hired to torture her, Einan is sent reeling when she thinks them dead. Destitute, she finds herself responsible for protecting children left uncared for in the wake of the Cedesian War.

Poor children are disappearing all over the city. While struggling to keep them safe, Ein accidentally sparks a rebellion. Will love find her again in the chaos or will she die a martyr?

Warning: Polyamory m/f/f/m, dominance and submission, bondage, graphic sex, dubious consent, reluctant sex trade work, kidnapping, torture.



EXPECTATION: I expected bondage and sex and sex trafficking. I was interested by synopsis.


REACTION: This book was definitely like nothing I have ever read before. I’m not going to lie – the first 50 pages or so was a bit odd trying to get into it. Once I got into the storyline and farther into the book I had no problem rolling right through it. Some of the plot lines throughout the novel moved faster than others. I had a hard time with the first half of the book because her first pregnancy was SO FAST! She just wakes up and has the baby. It was incredibly unrealistic. I can’t imagine her never gaining consciousness during her first pregnancy. I don’t know it was something I just couldn’t get over. The storyline with the guard felt a bit drawn out and after that the plot flowed better. (I do think the plot line was significant to the story though). Surprise surprise plot – not. I was not surprised about someone coming back into the story later on. I have to say nothing in the book really surprised me. The sex throughout the book was okay. I thought it was strange that Ein helped her best friend/lover lose her virginity by having a threesome. That’s a new one even for me to read. All of the characters seemed to love spanking each other. It was a bit much, and I understand it’s done a lot in BDSM but come on. Every sex scene is a bit obsessive. I really liked the ending of the novel. I think it brought everything together for the most part. It answered all of my questions I had throughout the novel. This novel shoved a ton of information and plotlines into one book. I like the text on the cover but I wish the cover itself was different. I am giving this novel a 3 out of 5 stars. This book felt like I was using a traffic light for my love of it. I was often at the yellow light waiting for it to pick back up to a green light. I did enjoy it for the most part. I would recommend it for those that enjoy erotica.



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