Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

This is the first Lush product I have ever used or purchased. I bought this scent/flavor because it smells so good! I honestly don’t think it really smells like popcorn (the scent does smell really good) but it does have a slight popcorn taste. I like the packaging and the glass jar has a lot of product. A little bit goes a long way – really. It doesn’t take much product to scrub away the chapped skin off your lips. I do recommend using a lip balm of some kind after using the scrub though. It makes a difference in how your lips feel and I definitely will be repurchasing (if I ever finish my jar that is.) I hope they come out with more options in the future. Currently there is bubblegum, popcorn, and mint juleps. I spent $9.95 plus tax and I think it is definitely worth it.

Now if you look at the ingredients I’m sure it would be fairly easy to make at home or make a similar product but let’s be honest, how many people are actually going to take the time to do that? Not many, so I definitely recommend this one. For those that don’t like the popcorn one I have heard good things about the mint julep one.

Have any lush products you love? I’d love to know. I hope to try some bath bombs in the future.


2 thoughts on “Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

  1. For LUSH baths I highly recommend Butterball (super moisturising), Comforter Bubble Bar (smells awesome and bubbles), Big Blue (mermaid blue water and softens skin) and Twilight (beautiful, twinkly and relaxing).

    Other things that I highly recommend are the Mask of Magnaminty (reduces redness, oiliness and blackheads) and Buffy body butter (exfoliates and moisturises).

    Hope that helps with your introduction to LUSH 🙂

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