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February Movies

I didn’t watch as many movies in February as I did in January. I was a lot busier with university this semester.

  • The Monuments Men
    • Saw this in theaters with my dad. It was pretty good. I enjoyed learning about the history of the art in relation to world war two.
  • The Others
    • I had to watch this movie for my English class. It was weird. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to watch it if not for class but it was an okay movie. At some points really creepy but once you figure out the plot line it isn’t as creepy. It all makes sense in the end.
  • The Croods
    • This movie was cute, not as good as I was expecting but still a cute animated film.
  • The Emperors New Groove
    • Watched this with my best friend when they came to visit me for the weekend. Obviously a good movie. I’ve seen it a bunch of times.
  • 12 years a slave
    • Also saw this movie with my friend, in theaters. It was a really intense movie. I almost cried at the end. Good movie.
  • World War Z
    • Better than I expected. Of course Brad Pitt is nice. The movie is nothing like the book IMO. Had me on my toes for most of the movie.
  • The Spectacular Now
    • Um…what did I watch?

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