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I thought we all were children of God

Honestly, this movie is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

I know I still need to read the book (and I will be) but I still adore this movie. This movie has some of my favorite disney music in it. Esmerelda is definitely one of my favorite disney characters. There are many really intense scenes in this movie. The end of the movie is definitely my favorite scene of the movie.

“I ask for nothing I can get by, But I know so many Less lucky than I,Please help my people The poor and downtrod, I thought we all were, The children of God”

I feel like that is a really powerful few sentences. I honestly get chills listening to this song. Heidi Mollenhauer who plays Esmerelda did an amazing job. Her voice is beautiful and works for this song perfectly.

I honestly can’t imagine being locked away from the entire world. For me, growing up around those who are seen as “different” or “disabled” really helped me connect with Quasimodo. This movie really opened my eyes to how some people view other groups of people. I like how they portray Quasimodo and his optimism.

Frollo was so intense. I think it’s partly due to the fact that now that I’m older I realize how realistic he is. He is clearly racist and uses his religious advancement to his advantage especially for that time. Back in that time it was the woman’s fault if a man lusted for her. He sees himself as a victim because she is seducing him. He is never questioned by anyone except the one preist which was always pushed aside. People blindly followed him…sound like anyone else? Or they were just too afraid to speak out.

“Choose me or
Your pyre
Be mine or you will burn”
-Frollo, Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hellfire)
Have any thoughts or feelings about this movie? Be sure to comment.


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