Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Box Mix Review


I had never tried this box mix so I was a bit skeptical. I do however love Red Lobster’s biscuits. I gave them a try and they turned out great! Really easy to make. All you need is the box mix, water, cheese and a bit of butter. Total time took about twenty minutes even though the box says thirty. They turned out REALLY close if not the same as the biscuits in the restaurant. The only downside is they don’t keep very well. Now you can still eat them they just don’t taste the same unfortunately. What you do is you pour the mix into a bowl with the amount of water necessary (says quantities on the box) and the cheese and you mix until it is just blended. Do not over mix. Then you pop them in the over for 16-18 minutes. Mix the garlic packet and your butter together and drizzle that over the biscuits a minute before you pull them out. You’re done! These are super simple to make and they were a hit here at my house. Can’t wait to make them again. Ooh last thing – If you really want the cheddar to be a prominent ingredient use Sharp Cheddar and not Mild Cheddar. For this first attempt I used Mild because it was all that I had. Sharp gives it a really cheesy flavor.


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