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Brian Mcknight


One of my favorite singers. No question about it, his voice is beautiful. His entire discography is on my phone as well as my ipod. I really feel like there needs to be more music like this today. Why isn’t there? His music will be played at my wedding, whenever that may be. And hopefully one day I may be lucky enough to see him sing live. (It will happen)


This is a cover he did of “Sarah Smile” by Hall & Oats. (I also enjoy Hall & Oats.) Maybe it’s because my name is Sarah but I love listening to this song whenever I have a bad day or just whenever I feel like listening to Brian.


Many people know his song “Back at One” but not many of his other songs. I really enjoyed the music video for this song. I think the video fits perfectly. If you don’t feel something listening to just the song watching the video really makes you think about things.


Be sure to check out his website: here

I could continue to talk about every song of his, but I think you get the point.

Who’s your favorite artist? & Why do you love them so much?


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