To This Day

I cannot even begin to describe the emotions I have watching this Youtube video. The things that go on in the video are so incredibly real it’s scary. The message is clear and sadly true. Bullying I truly believe happens to everyone. Even after we get out of high school and even college. Some people struggle every day of their lives. And believing in yourself isn’t always as easy as saying it. Ignoring what other people say doesn’t always happen. Because when one person comes along and knows exactly where to poke your tender spots will get inside and it only starts with one things said. Sticks and stones will break your bones but words can and will hurt you.

If you haven’t seen this video. Watch it and please tell me what you think.


One thought on “To This Day

  1. wow
    this video is just amazing and so deep
    everything he said is the truth
    some people get bully and we just never seem to notice or seem to care
    to me i would rather just help them for those who have been bullied
    sometime there is positive in the world
    but still there is more negative in the world
    and it have to stop
    power to the people who held their heads high
    and prove themselves that they were wrong

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