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Breaking Dawn Part 1

Please, beware! 

There are spoilers!

So…as most of you have heard or seen, Breaking Dawn Part 1. I apologize in advance that this post will be rather jumpy as I have random thoughts on this movie. I must say, I loved this one. Everyone’s acting has improved, while there were some parts I thought were awkward, I did enjoy most of it, and I think everyone’s characters were established the way they should have been.

I did not like Bella walking down the aisle, I thought she looked awkward, and  she should have smiled or look like she felt something. Edward was smiling and she just…fell flat. I thought she was going to turn and run. But the camera angles were nice while they were saying their vows. The music was good, I liked that they played flightless bird from the first movie, and the “fight” between Jacob and Edward/Bella worked well. The speeches were really funny and touching. Also..wow Alice! She always throws huge parties, and the scene with the cake was pretty funny. The front of her dress was awkward, but I liked the back of it.

The honeymoon was played out nicely. I liked her “human moment” before the swimming scene. The shaving her legs, brushing her teeth, exc. I thought it was very nice, and the chess was random but I think it worked. When Bella was trying to tease Edward it was really funny.

Sex scenes….When Bella was begging him the second time I thought she was believable. I liked the swimming scene as well.

When Jacob “claimed” dominance of the pack and was all “I am the grandson of…” it was awkward…and I don’t know. Could have been different but it wasn’t bad.

Bella throughout here pregnancy looked awful! But it worked, with the way they were trying to portray the seriousness of the situation. It worked wonderfully.

Edward hearing the baby…I MISSED IT! I’m so mad. My friends said it was so sweet though.

Bella dying..wow intense scene. I liked the flashbacks in this. Seeing her all throughout her life and scenes from previous movies. Nice. Edward and Jacob’s reactions were so touching. I almost and I say almost felt a little teary eyed at Jacob crying outside.

Jacob imprinting, favorite. part. of. the. movie. It was done so well, I liked all the flashbacks in this scene as well were nice and seeing Renesmee “grown up.” Just I loved it.

The birth scene…just WOW! It was done well, and I liked where they ended the movie.

Music choice throughout the movie was amazing…until the credit song. What song is that?!
I liked that this movie got more into Bella and Edward’s love life and that the next part will have the Volturi and that there is one movie where their relationship moves alot. I felt like before that their relationship just jumped from friendship to lovers and then didn’t move, so this was a refreshing change. The movie followed the book very well and I am very pleased.

My questions for you:
Did you watch the movie?
Do you plan on watching it?
What did you think?
Favorite scene?
Anything else you feel like sharing.


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